Friday, June 28, 2013

Old San Juan 100% Mesh Building

CandyDoll Marketplace

Old San Juan

100% Mesh Building 
Footprint: 35x30 
Prims: 29 (but the prims can rise if you resize or mabye unlink)
Come with 2 Options White and Wood Floors, Wood Floors have also the walls textured 

You can edit the building prim by prim so you can make it as large you want and like

For better visual efect you can make it full bright

The store has 2 Fake Floors but if you want you can use them by adding a teleporter or a elevador

Tips for better visual mesh: 
1. Press Ctrl-Alt-D (Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac) to show the "Advanced" menu. 
2. Once you've clicked on the Advanced menu, choose "Debug Settings" 
3. In the search bar, type in or copy and paste the following:


4. Below that, you'll see a smaller box with numbers. Set it to 4 or higher. (I usually just type 10.500 and it works perfectly.)


Old San Juan White Old San Juan Gray Old San Juan Black Old San Juan Brown

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