Saturday, September 21, 2013

NEW Divine Heels (for slink medium feet)

Divine Heels

The shoes are ADD-on for Slink Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet (APPLIERS) 
Feets are not included, so there is no alpha with the shoe 
Alpha come wiht Slink Feet 
I do NOT respond of any issue of the feets, i dont make them so please any issue with the feets contact slink creator

Always TRY DEMO befor to buy, there is no refound (no exeptions)

Each pair come with a hud so you can change the Heel / Sole / Metals
With Fat pack you can change also the strap colour so you can mix and match as you wish


Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Oxygen II for Slink Feet

The shoes are ADD-on for Slink Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet (APPLIERS)
Feets are not included so there is no alpha with the shoe
I Called them Oxygen II because they have the same style as Oxygen 
So there will be a III part sonn very soon


Thursday, August 8, 2013

NEW Hot Oxygen Heels

The shoes are made for Slink Enhancement, you have to wear the Slink Medium Feet Enhancement (the new update of the feets)

100% Mesh Heels 
5 Heel & Sole Wood Base Colors 
smart resize menu

Feet *NOT* included

Monday, August 5, 2013

CandyDoll Accesories for Mes Brics A Bracs event

Mustache Bracelet
100% mesh item
Gold and Silver option

Mustache Collar
100% mesh item
16 mustache colours

Mustache Necklace
100% mesh item
Silver&Gold Option

NEW Admiral Shoes

Im really lazy in updating this blog with Candydoll New Stuff
but ohh well here i am showing you my new shoes
The shoes are made for Slink Enhancement, you have to wear the Enhancement sistem (the new update of the feets)

100% Mesh shoes 
Hud with 3 style colours 
smart resize menu

Feet *NOT* included
P.S i edit it the feets but NOT the shoes, what  you see is what you get :D ... also no templates were use in this product!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sape Display

Shape Display
6 Colour: white 
4 diferent shadows for wall or floor 
The display are made with 4 objects so you can modify any part of the display land impact is 2 (if linked) 
if you resize them they will rise the land impact

Visit CandyDoll Marketplace

display add 1

NEW Lovella Flats

The Flats are made for Slink Enhancement, you have to wear the Enhancement onece (the new update of the feets)

100% Mesh Flats 
20 bow colours 
20 Flats colours (with hud) 
Widouth bow version 
Resize Hud 
Skin tone HUD for CandyDoll Slink feet 
Feet *NOT* included


lovella flats

Friday, June 28, 2013

Old San Juan 100% Mesh Building

CandyDoll Marketplace

Old San Juan

100% Mesh Building 
Footprint: 35x30 
Prims: 29 (but the prims can rise if you resize or mabye unlink)
Come with 2 Options White and Wood Floors, Wood Floors have also the walls textured 

You can edit the building prim by prim so you can make it as large you want and like

For better visual efect you can make it full bright

The store has 2 Fake Floors but if you want you can use them by adding a teleporter or a elevador

Tips for better visual mesh: 
1. Press Ctrl-Alt-D (Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac) to show the "Advanced" menu. 
2. Once you've clicked on the Advanced menu, choose "Debug Settings" 
3. In the search bar, type in or copy and paste the following:


4. Below that, you'll see a smaller box with numbers. Set it to 4 or higher. (I usually just type 10.500 and it works perfectly.)


Old San Juan White Old San Juan Gray Old San Juan Black Old San Juan Brown

NEW Shorty Jeans by CandyDoll

Shorty Jeans Rigged Mesh
XXS / XS / S / M / L
Fit perfect on any shape

shorty jeans OUT NOW!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NEW Glitter Dress

Come in 22 beutiful colours (i love doing so many colours :D)

Xs / S / M / L sizes
Appliers for Tango and Puffy mesh breast
There are also mini fat packs wich includes 5 colours with a nice and easy hud colour changer

The dress is on my store and also on marketplace (for lazy dolls :P )

Glitter Dress Out Now Glitter Dress Out Now

NEW Leather skirt

Leather Skirt

Come in standard size XXS/Xs/S/M/L
Realistic Leather
Fat pack have a simple hud
19 colours (i love doing lots of colours)
Visit CandyDoll Store
CandyDoll Marketplace

Leather Skirt Out NOW! Skirt Closer Preview

NEW Layla Skin

Layla Skin

Hairbase Option
Cleavage Option
Teeth Option
3 Blush Option
Lolas/Tango Applier

The blush options work only on Layla skin
Lips in tattoo layer work with others skins

Please try a demo lips befor buying to see if they work with your favorite skin

The Makeups are only for  Layla 

Natural skin is sold separately so you can personalize as your wish
Visit CandyDoll

layla Skin Out now! Makeup and lips in tattoo layer

Spring Dress

it have been so much time widouth updating my blog

but i will show you the lasted relase from CandyDoll

Spring Dress

✿✿✿Spring Dress✿✿✿
Is a rigged mesh that comes in standard size
XXS / XS / S / L / M + XL
In the pack you can find : 
►►Dress with attached belt 
►►Dress widouth attached belt
►►Belt that you can wear with anything
►►The Belt come with a frendly and easy hud that have 19 colours

Monday, April 22, 2013

NEW Skinn Jeans Mesh

NEW Skinny Jeans
Standard Size
XXS / XS / S / M / L
Visit CandyDoll

im not sure why LL marked my jeans as ADULT on marketplace but ohh well mabye cuz im too sexy LOL jk ... so they are as adult item

skinny jeans OUT!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hanna Skin Full Relase

Hanna Skin is finaly out

Come in 4 tones 
Each tone ave 7 makeups 
Each Makeup have teeth/cleavage/5 Freckles Option

Hanna also come in natural widouth any makeup so you can personalize with any makeup/lips/blush you like
For this i have made 3 makeups and 3 lips in tattoo layer

Appliers for Tangos are includet in each skin pack
Also the shape is in the store for sale :)

Visit CandyDoll

hanna full skin relase OUT NOW! makeup lips options for Hanna

Friday, April 5, 2013

Gatcha Carnival

Bow Purse Mesh 
Is exclusive for Gatcha Event
They are transfer / no copy / no modify

bow purse gatcha carnival

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Big Boobies Show

Come in many many colours, each colour have rigged mesh Neck collar in 5 standard size, the tops come in ALL layers
Appliers for Lolas/Tangos, B-busty , Lush and Puffy mesh breasts

Shift Top (Boobies Show Fair)

Glamour Top 
Come in all layers, each colous have bra and no bra option
Appliers for lolas/tangos , b-busty , lush and puffy mesh breasts

Glamour top ( Boobies Show Fair)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hanna For Skin Fair

After more then 6 month working on a skin is finaly out Exclusive for Skin Fair
New HQ Body with a new Fresh face
On skin fair it will be ony the Natural look but after the event end it will be relased in my store with many makeups and others skin options

Each Skin Tone have include:

Teeth Option
Cleavage option
Hairbase Option
Applier for Lolas Tangos
4 Freckles option in tattoo layer
Visit Skin Fair

hanna for Skin Fair hanna for skin fair

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big Retirement Skin Sale

Sience i decide to make a HUGE change on my upcoming skins is time to say Bye Bye to my old skins and say Hello to my new ones... the sale starts NOW and end on 31.03 after skin fair end, the old skins are now at 300Ls and fat packs at 1000Ls
Visit CandyDoll


Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Rebel Shoes

Rebel Shoes are 100% Non-Rigged Mesh they have a realistic look with High Detalied texture , fit in any shape of avatar, they also are : 
No modify 
No Transfer 
But have a frendly resize menu easy to use, you have 21 colours to choose from :D
You can find them 

Rebel Shoes Out Now

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Fancy Lingerie

Fancy Lingerie 
What You get in the pack: 
- White/Black Colour Bra Lingerie 
- White/Black Socks 
- White/Black Panties 
- White/Black Bikinis 
Fancy Lingerie also have Appliers for 
Tango / Lush / Bbusty 
Sold Separately
You cand buy them on

Fancy Lingerie Solid Fancy Lingerie Pattern

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Botina Boots

100% Mesh 

Botina Boots in 5 diferent style of colours
with a very easy Hud and easy resize menu
No modify
No transfer

Try demo on CandyDoll Store

Botina Boots Out (finaly)

Example Boot Colours

botina boots (example)