Friday, October 12, 2012

CandyDoll NEW HOT Stuff for Cinema Event

Smokyng Hot news for all the Dolls and boobies lovers 

The event Cinema is start today and i have made special items for all the dolls :)

i am on the XXX section is a mature sim so you need to be ferified to can enter and thats the bad part
the good part are the Mushu lingerie , Lacely top and also the 2 pretty skins Shyla and Stoya

Mushu Lingerie come in ALL layers and also prim breast (for all the boobies lovers) that can be bought separatly :)
Here is your RIDE to Cinema Event

mushu lingerie Untitled Untitled

Lacely top is a smexy top that come in all layers and also for biggy boobies dolls that can be bought separatly

lacely top

Shyla and Stoya 
the 2 pretty ladyes come in 4 tones, 4 breast size and hairbase option 

shyla stoya

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NEW Dolce MESH Heels

ok, so my last post for today are some... shoes :D

sience i had many many request of ripped jeans heels that i used for my Cosita Jeans AD poster i decide to make them also for sale :) and many other prints and solid colours
They are 100% mesh non-rigged with a easy skin hud

16 Patterns
17 Solid colours

Visit CandyDoll

Dolce heels pattern

Dolce Heels Solid

Nylan Exclusive Top for SWAG EVENT

Swag Event just started and i made this Exclusive cute top fot the event
so go and Check out SWAG Event

nylan top

Panda Bear Skin gift

Ohh and i forgot to say about this cute FREE skin
you can find it in my subscriber till 31 octomber

yay for panda :)

Taxi to CandyDoll

panda bear gift

Windy Skin

Windy Skin for 500LS at DEAD COOL FASHION EVENT 
The event start on 30 september and it will end this month on 31 octomber
there are also other cool store :)
More info you can see HERE

For free Windy Demo