Friday, October 12, 2012

CandyDoll NEW HOT Stuff for Cinema Event

Smokyng Hot news for all the Dolls and boobies lovers 

The event Cinema is start today and i have made special items for all the dolls :)

i am on the XXX section is a mature sim so you need to be ferified to can enter and thats the bad part
the good part are the Mushu lingerie , Lacely top and also the 2 pretty skins Shyla and Stoya

Mushu Lingerie come in ALL layers and also prim breast (for all the boobies lovers) that can be bought separatly :)
Here is your RIDE to Cinema Event

mushu lingerie Untitled Untitled

Lacely top is a smexy top that come in all layers and also for biggy boobies dolls that can be bought separatly

lacely top

Shyla and Stoya 
the 2 pretty ladyes come in 4 tones, 4 breast size and hairbase option 

shyla stoya

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  1. Beautiful looking skins!
    Btw, I'm pretty sure one still only has to be age verified (through Linden Labs) only to get into (A) Adult rated sims, not (M) Mature sims.